5 Reasons Foursquare/Swarm is Blogger's Life Saver


In year 2014, Foursquare splits its Android/iOS app into two - Foursquare and Swarm. Foursquare is now a city guide showing you points of interest, whereas Swarm is a social tool for you to check-in places. Both apps are integrated. It is sad to see some users actually misused it by rapidly checking-in places they not actually visiting with intention to earn coins and to be at the top of their friend list. This article shows that Foursquare/Swarm can be your lifesaver if you use it properly.

1. It is fun.


You get coins when you check-in a place. Then, you can use those coins to upgrade your stickers. Your stickers also work as "multiplier" to your coins. For example if you attach a sticker with multiplier of 3 (x3) to your check-in, your coins for that particular check-in will be tripled. 

If you have friends in Swarm, you can even "stalk" on them to see which restaurants they visited.


Tips: Under "Diamond" tab, tap the girl few times.

2. Less messier compared to Facebook check-in.

In Facebook, users can simply create a place which is already exist in Facebook, causing many duplicates of the same place. While you still can find duplicated places in Foursquare, it is lesser compared to Facebook as Foursquare has a mechanism to detect if a new place you created already exist in their database.

3. Provides location history search allowing you to trace back the date you last checked in at certain place.


In many occasions, this is a life-saver for bloggers. Imagine that you visited a restaurant many times. Each time you visit, you took some photos. Your photos were stored in local folders based on dates. When you going to write about the restaurant, you forgot which dates (folders) you visited. 

In this case, Foursquare "history search" comes in handy (assuming you use Swarm to check-in each time you visit a place). 

4. Provides date filter allowing you to trace back things you did on certain days.


Where did we go during Valentine's Day last year? Don't ask your girlfriend this question. Instead, ask Foursquare.

5. Become Superuser and contribute back to Foursquare community. 


Malaysia is seriously need of some active Superusers who have the ability to approve edits made by Average Joes. As of May/2017, there are about 120K+ address edits waiting for approval. If you are keen in helping local community, feel free to apply for superuser. Follow the link below for details on how to become a superuser:



Foursquare appGoogle Play | iTunes

Swarm app: Google Play | iTunes

Official Foursquare website

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